Saturday, June 8, 2013

Who Is The Bigger Hindu(tva)? Hindu Sena or Advani?

A certain group called Hindu Sena is protesting outside the residence of Advani in support of Modi. BJP spokesperson has clearly stated that the protesters are not part of BJP cadre. One protester was spotted saying that Advani must clear the way for Modi. The rift between Modi and Advani has come to the forefront after Advani decided not to attend BJP National Executive meeting at Goa citing health reasons. But Modi supporters were able to grasp the message from Advani, who has abstain himself from attending the meeting for the first time in past three decades.

Moments before the protest Prakash Javadekar addressed the media saying that Advani is suffering from minor illness and will not be able to join rest of the team even though he wants to join. He added that whatever decision has to be taken will be taken even in his absence and the leaders will visit him later. This must come as a blow to Advani supporters within BJP.

Advani is no more the face of Hindutva, and the Hindu conservative faction has found his new leader. Now they are out in the open saying that Modi needs to be given larger responsibilities. This becomes even more interesting when the demand comes from Hindu Sena, which BJP maintains has got nothing to do with the Party. So Modi has a larger fan base, comprising of non BJP members as well!

What does this imply?

This certainly makes Modi a bigger leader, or rather bigger Hindutva face who will be the deciding factor of BJP. Advani was nowhere in the race. His last Rath Yatra was severely criticized by RSS and was asked to announce that he is not interested in any post. He even announced that! Modi’s emergence as the new Hindutva face will certainly polarize vote bank, which we all have been discussing for a long time. But the road to power for Modi will not be as easy as Hindu Sena thinks. Being a CM is a different thing and being a National Leader is a different ball game.

Modi will face criticism and protest from stalwarts of the party. And today’s protest against Advani gives reason to believe that he has his army in place which will tackle all the protests. What is important to note is that all this will constrain other parties, especially regional parties to polarize their vote bank. BSP, SP, AIADMK, DMK, JD(U), AIMIM and all other parties will play the politics of polarization in coming one year to tackle the bigger force. Something like the battle of the bygone era!

Certainly, protest against Advani is politically motivated and it must be seen in the light of the coming general election. If speculations are to be believed then Modi will be given the charge of Campaign Committee which will be a setback for team Advani within BJP.

Let us wait for the Drama to unravel itself!

First published in Youth Ki Awaaz under DailyDrama on June 8, 2013

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