Thursday, July 11, 2013

Does The Bodhgaya Attack Point Towards A Less Tolerant And More Communal Future?

Another bomb blast at a religious centre. What’s new this time? It has targeted a Buddhist centre and is the first major serial bomb blast in Bihar. We still need to focus deeper into the matter and try to deconstruct it through the political and religious lens.

According to one of the reports, NIA and other related bodies had warned not only Bihar government but also many other states where they suspect such attacks can take place. This includes Kali Temple in Kolkata and Shirdi Sai Temple as well. This brings to focus the fact that religious institutions are once again under deep threat from many fundamentalist organizations, which have no religious tolerance. Ironically, we have many political parties which have zero tolerance level for others’ belief system. This introduces us to another threat- are we, as a society, moving towards a less tolerant tomorrow and are we going to have a more communal future?

Many tweets and FB status updates were trying to link the BJP-JD (U) break-up as one of the many reasons for today’s blast. It also tried to see BJP behind the blast in order to defame the JD (U) government. It will be immature for me to reach to any conclusion without knowing the backdrop of the story. That is the duty of the investigating agency. For that matter, it is too immature for anybody to blame anybody for the same. At the same time we cannot deny any possibility. People are also talking about RJD’s and LJP’s role in it. Where will this blame game end?

I personally feel Bodhgaya could never be any terrorist organisation’s target in order to spread terror in the area. But then, we just doubt the stupidity of any terror organization! The phenomenon of hatred is over powering all that is peaceful. Buddhism is considered a peaceful religion (if we are not considering the Sri Lankan political Buddhist organizations here), and has a deep relation with nature and yoga. These blasts must have disrupted the peaceful life cycle of many monks and devotees.

Today’s terror act points towards a more complex future. I have more reasons to question the national security. At a time when security should be the major question one year before the general elections, we have a random politician in Ayodhya asking to re-build the Ram Temple- certainly misplaced priorities of politicians! In few hours from now we will also listen to different political voices criticizing Nitish Kumar for the ‘mis-governance’ rather than taking serious administrative steps to ensure a better tomorrow. Sadly, our politicians are too friendly in front of the camera, but extremely lethargic when taking administrative steps!

This article was first published in Youth Ki Awaaz under Daily Drama on July 7, 2013 

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