Wednesday, July 24, 2013

“Kindly Speak Up”: A Letter To The Past From The Future Of India

Dear Past,

To start with: What was wrong with you? See, we have lost all info about you because of certain political reasons. That is why the inquisitive part of me is writing this letter to you.

Let me make things simple. Who was Modi? I am not talking about Narendra Modi. We have his statues all across the nation to know that he was the saviour of India. He was the First Prime Minister of Facebook. We all know this. He was the man who secured real independence of India from all the‘others’. I am talking about Lalit Modi. We have very less information related to him. But as far as I know he was some sort of a rockstar who changed the shape of India by Introducing Cricket, right? Earlier Indians were playing only some random game called Gulli-Danda. There is a chapter in Indian ancient History books which says he was brother of Narendra Modi, and they both had many things similar. But like everything, there are a few historians who have disputes on the issue. But isn’t it true that both of them were misunderstood by the people of past? They both wanted to modernize India, right? There is a random school of thought which say they both were “corrupt” as well? Is that true? We need to know this. There are two kinds of Modi-ites here. Modi (NaMo) and Modi (LaMo). They are in power now. And we cannot doubt their integrity. Kindly speak up!

Who was this random chap called Gandhi? No we are not talking about Varun Gandhi. We have a separate political party in his name. He is the role model of our youth. I am also not talking about Rahul Gandhi; he was some retard in the past, from some royal family. I am talking about M.K. Gandhi. There is a book in college syllabus by Shri Nathu Ram Godse and Gopal Godse, true martyrs of our soil. We all know that M.K Gandhi was the man behind screwing you real hard! So sorry for that! What was his problem? Why was he trying to teach us the lesson of non-violence? What would be my condition if people had followed him? Terrible to even think! But by reading the book of Sir Godse, there has been a strong belief that M.K Gandhi was not a normal person. We are sure it must have been difficult to cope up with his annoying demands?

Let me also talk about the geography of your time. Presently we have some 100 states and 10 countries under our colonial rule. The countries under our rule are Kashmir, Manipur, Gorkhaland and Pakistan. Thanks to the government in power which was able to crush the militant forces in the past and was able to bring honour to our nation.

We do not have much idea about you, because reading of books other than prescribed in syllabus is a strict No-No here. We all are happy. This is what we are asked to think by the government. And yes, we do think we are happy. Development is the motto of the government. And we have a great labour force to ensure this development. We have the biggest labour force in the world which can lead a very happy life by just living on Rs 30 a day. That’s too much for them even now!

But we too have an inquisitive mind. And yes, we do want to know how you were. What about the voices of your time? What about the poets of your time? We know only few of them who wrote the history. But then, history has always been written by the victor. Who knows what’s true and what’s not!

Your Bi-product,
Future of India

This letter was first published in Youth Ki Awaaz on July 16, 2013

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