Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pictures Portraying Slow Death Of Traditional Art Forms And Artists In Delhi’s Kathputli Colony #PhotoNama

Kathputli Colony has never made it to the headlines of mainstream media. It failed to excite the civil societies and very few people talked about it. Let me introduce you to the colony.

Kathputli Colony is hardly 6 kms from Delhi’s Connaught Place. It is a colony inhabited by traditional Puppeteers and street magicians. But with the advent of the ‘global culture’ and highly ‘entertaining’ entertainment industry in the country, these artists are facing challenges to even make their ends meet. Government has not helped them at all.

To add to the problem, the entire colony was sold to Raheja Developers by the government to create commercial shopping complexes and residential areas, and the artists are left to face the consequences. Raheja Developers are supposed to relocate the people to an area in Anand Parbat. But there are lots of problems which have not been addressed.

As a matter of fact, the younger generations of the artists are in a phase of identity crisis. Many of them have left puppetry and play drums during marriages and other festivities. I visited the colony sometime back. Here is a photo report.

Entrance of Kathputli Colony

Kathputli colony: an inside view

Playground full of foul smell and fithy water

Playground with street pigs

A women in a Kathputli colony house

Dilip Pradhan, traditional puppeteer

Best friends

Sanjay Bhat: A young puppeteer, who has travelled to four European countries

Police visits the colony regularly

The playground

A group of young men playing bridge

Young mother sitting outside her shack

Young girls giving reasons to believe that there can still be smiles and hope

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