Thursday, August 22, 2013

Theatre Preview: Experience the ‘Nine Parts of Desire’ in Delhi

Poster of the play ‘Nine Parts of Desire’
Saanjha Sapna, the Delhi based theatre group is all prepared to present its latest production “Nine Parts of Desire” on August 24 and August 25 at Akshara Theatre in the National Capital. The play has been directed by Kanchan Ujjal Singh.

The play is essentially based on the 1994 non-fiction book by Australian Journalist Geraldine Brooks on her experiences and time spent among the Muslim women of the Middle East. In her book, the author tries to explore the major issues concerning not only the idea of desire but goes beyond it and talks about critical cultural practices related to oppression of women.

The play is an attempt to understand the issues raised by Geraldine in her book. The director of the play, Kanchan Ujjal, when asked why she chose this play to direct, says, “Since the time when I first read the script, I knew this is the story I wanted to tell. The plight of women all around the world is same, be it Iraq or India. Women are constantly in a state of argument and fight for liberation. All these 9 stories and 9 women are a study in contrast, but they cohere to form a powerful collective collage of suffering and tolerance. They demand the world to stop and look at them, after all women are not the second sex, they are HUMAN.”.
Kanchan Ujjal Singh
The play will see an ensemble of an all women team coming together to strongly put what it is to be like a women in a “man’s world”! When asked how it was to work with an all woman cast, Kanchan says, “Working with all female cast is a soul strengthening experience. We had such intense and long Discussions while researching for the play. It is a beautiful yet complex to direct women. It was a web of nine different mindsets, who came together to tell their story to the world. Their strength grows 9 times, so now they are more hard hitting than ever.” Kanchan believes the strong women cast will portray Iraq realistically. She adds, “Audience will feel as if the female half of Iraq has come to India. Its intense and persuasive precisely making its point through 9 women, each telling her story, stories of Hostility, Revolution, Freedom, Suffering, Love, Innocence, Loss, Helplessness and Hope. All 9 women are 9 mirrors reflecting into the psyche of women in a male dominant World.”

We at My Theatre Cafe wish Saanjha Sapna all the glory ahead!

When: August 24 and 25

Where: Akshara Auditorium, Baba Khadak Singh Marg, CP

Time: 6pm and 8pm on both days

Tickets available at

This preview first appeared in My Theatre Cafe on August 21, 2013

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