Thursday, August 22, 2013

Movie Review: ‘OUATIMD’- A blunder of the highest order

Let me confess- I went for Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaraa!

I had read all the reviews about it but still thought of giving it a try. I had seen the earlier part of the film which I liked to a certain extent, have seen Dirty Picture by the same director and the producers. But after watching this film I seriously doubt their earlier work as well.

OUATIMD is the finest example of the lamest artists on the planet. As a matter of fact I tried enjoying the film given the price I had paid. But you cannot enjoy this film even if you intentionally keep your mind in the parking area of the multiplex- it is impossible to like this film! The “star cast” of the film is the weakest part of it. Akshay Kumar plays the most stupid gangster in the history of Hindi Film Industry. He has a notion about himself that he has a great sense of humor, which might be true for the person Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, but not for the characters this actor has to play. He need not repeat the same joke with the same accent he has been repeating for almost two decades now. This needs to be criminalized under a particular section of the IPC.

Imram Khan, on the other hand, fails to surprise you with the onscreen stupidity he has been doing for some time now. It is hard for me to believe that he might be introducing himself as an actor to the new people he meets every day, which is not the case. He can be anything but an actor. If he is an actor then I am ready to die this very moment. Just for your interest he plays a petty gangster in the film, which for me looks like a case of worst casting in the history of mankind. How can a casting director think of him as a gangster, given the accent he has?

Sonakshi Sinha plays the character of a girl from Kashmir- the most fake Kashmiri you will ever see on screen. The moment she uttered her first dialogue I thought she is again playing a girl from Bihar, which she did in the last film with Akshay. But I was outraged to know that she is playing a character from Kashmir! Have these people not heard of character sketch? There is something called characterization which they fail to understand.

Ekata Kapur, it seems knew that it is a bad film of the highest order. That must be the reason of renaming the film twice. First it was called “Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Again”. She later replaced ‘Again’ with Dobaara. Later she added an extra ‘y’ to ‘A’ in the title- must be a suggestion from a ‘jyotish’. The matter of the fact is that you need to make a decent film. Even Harmun Baweja and Nisha Kothari have been changing their names for no use. They need to work hard rather than fooling people.

To end this article I would like to talk about the person who wrote the weirdest screenplay in the history of civilization. It comes as a letdown when we have seen the first part which reminded us of the Salim-Javed era of dialogues. I do not want to include the name if this screenplay writer in my article. He also wrote the lyrics of the film if I am not wrong. Let him know that he is not a poet. Even better he can never become a poet!

I am sure Imran Hashmi must be glad that he was not a part of the sequel!

This movie review first appeared in My Theatre Cafe on August 20, 2013

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