Sunday, December 14, 2014

Samajwadi Party Goon Attacks Woman Politician with Acid; story fails to reach mainstream media

Naresh Gupta, a Samajwadi Party strongman from Bareilly has attacked Muskaan Devi, a Ward Member- another politician, with Acid. Muskaan Devi has received heavy burns on her body and has been sent to hospital. The incident has failed to reach the screens of mainstream media. This case was raised by the Stop Acid Attack campaigners at the ongoing Hunger Strike at Jantar Mantar. The campaigners have written a letter to the National Commission for Women to intervene in the matter.

On 27th November, Naresh Gupta, along with his 7 supporters, allegedly attacked Muskaan Devi inside her home in Faridabad area of Bareilly. Naresh Gupta is a local politician from Samajwadi Party, and various serious criminal cases are pending against him, as per various sources. The cases relate to Attempt to Murder (IPC 307), Fraud (IPC 420), Rape (IPC 376) and other serious criminal charges.

At present Muskaan is critically admitted in Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Hospital, Lucknow. Sadly her condition is deteriorating with each day. At the same time Naresh Gupta is out on the streets with his supporters. There has been a warrant against Naresh Gupta in the past, but still he is out of police’s reach.

The reason behind the acid attack, as informed by the sources, is an old issue relating to land acquisition.

Recent past has been very painful for women in our part of the world. Acid has become a new weapon against them. The recent acid attack by a Samajwadi Party goon in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, makes us doubt the intention of political parties who talk about the women security.

Is it required that every assault on a woman in this country need television debate for the administration and police to act upon? At a time when Uber rape case makes it to television channels, a multi-billion MNC is booked in the court of law. But what holds us back in assault cases in tier two and tier three cities of India?

This case requires immediate attention from the Women’s Commission. The intervention can make sure that justice prevails in the nation and criminals are booked under law of the land. Also we must strongly condemn the criminal conspiracy of the political class which allows known criminals to move freely in the society.

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