Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mumbai- the commercial city, in photos

Mumbai is widely regarded as the commercial capital of India. But is it just the Ambanis, Birlas and the Tata which add to the commerce of india? Or there are others who add to the growing GDP? Here it is- the commerce of Mumbai. Photos taken by Nihal Parashar.

‘Man, shop and business’
And just like this there are numerous businessmen in Mumbai.
Elephanta Island, best known for the caves, depends in 
Mumbai for its economics.
It provides another tourist attraction to Mumbai.

Tea shop in Elephanta Island.
Nowhere in this country an economic 
system survive without a tea shop!

New avenues to bags, and business.

‘Bade Miyan!’
A famous eating point near the Gateway of India, 
Bade Miyan witnesses foodies all through the night.

‘Bandstand businessman’
At Bandstand you will never run out of people
looking out for isolation.
And in isolation you want your share of tea!

He has been selling cakes at Marine Drive for 20 years.
He lives in another corner of the city.
He adds to the commerce of the city.

At Marine Drive you can see numerous people,
adding upto the commerce of Mumbai in numerous ways!

Just outside Andheri station, he sits everyday,
looking out for his customers.

Mumbai is the fashion hub of India!

Here you find him selling news everyday, and nobody objects.

‘The sunset business’
Everybody wants to enjoy sunset, and while
doing so wants to eat something.
Hence a good business opportunity.

And they run the city- in ways we cannot count.

The photo-feature was first published in LokMarg, on May 2, 2015. 

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