Saturday, May 30, 2015

Women Security in Cyber Space: A girl was harassed on Facebook, her reply stormed the internet!

We live in a society where women are harassed anytime, anyplace. It seems harassers are omnipresent. The latest place to find them is on internet!

The cyber stalkers have been sending inbox messages to girls in order to sexually bully them. In most cases girls avoid these messages. But Prerna Pratham Singh took another option. A Delhi based college student, Prerna received an inbox message from a man named Raushan Kumar asking if she has a vagina! Instead of avoiding the message, Prerna not only replied back but has also filed a complaint with Delhi Police’s cyber cell. She shared the screenshot of her reply over her Facebook profile. The image went viral and everybody was talking about it, including the Delhi police!

But as per the latest update, things are not as expected. The post which went viral on internet has been removed by Facebook citing reasons relating to obscenity. Prerna has raised her voice against this step by Facebook as it suppresses a voice against cyber harassment.

After the incident, issues relating to harassments on cyber spaces have come to focus. This has never been discussed in mainstream media, but remains one of the major issues girls and woman face in present times. The inbox messages, away from the public eye, also reflects the real face of society. When the issue became viral, and the profile of the person was recognized, the man in question posted a status update stating his profile was hacked. Prerna denied this saying he has been messaging her for some time. So it is unlikely that the profile was hacked.

The present case is a fine example of how raising a voice in such matters can have positive effect, and how some harassers can be brought into the public eye.

We hope the police takes proper action in the case and the harasser is put behind the bars.

This article was first published on LokMarg on May 21, 2015

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