Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gadkari Meets Sharad Yadav; Nitish Ignores Third Front Possibility

Gadkari’s meeting with Sharad Yadav early today point towards the fact that BJP cannot afford to lose its most important and old ally JD(U) just like that. They realize the importance of JD(U) in regional politics and, it seems, also respect the coalition.

It is ironical how JD(U) is comfortable with everybody in BJP but Modi. In the post meeting interaction with the media, Sharad Yadav said that they still have the same respect for Advani Ji irrespective of whatever happened within BJP. Does this mean JD(U) doesn’t consider Advani a Communal figure? I am sure his role in communalising the nation in late 1980s and early 1990s through his Rath Yatras is not unknown to JD(U). Modi is comparatively new in Indian Politics and has been highly overrated by Indian media. He might be the face of far right Hindutva these days, but Advani was the face for a long- very long- time. Not only Advani, but many BJP members with whom JD(U) stalwarts have worked, and worked to a great extent, were communal faces.

Gadkari’s meeting also brings forth the existing dilemma within NDA. Sharad Yadav, also the convener of NDA, has also called an internal party meeting of JD(U) to discuss the future prospects. Meanwhile, Nitish Kumar acknowledged that he had talks with Mamata Banerjee. He said that Mamata is interested in creating a Third Front, but ignored sharing his views on the same. Many media houses are interpreting it as Nitish’s rejection of the Third Front, which might be a wrong assertion. If JD(U) plans to step out of NDA, then it will like to have few options for itself. It might try to create a Front itself under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, but all this will lead to a no man’s land and only divide the votes of existing coalition partners, which can ultimately help people like Lalu and Paswan and Congress in the region- a situation which the people of Bihar will like to ignore. It is important to know that Bihar General elections are also nearby. The drama on the national level will have severe consequences in the State.

Anyway, we all must wait for the JD(U)’s meeting which might take place anytime within two days. Nitish has once again asked BJP to declare the name of its PM candidate. BJP will not announce it now for sure, even though it is promoting Modi like never before. But it will certainly widen the rift between the two parties.

We hope our politicians are able to address today’s chaos and we have a better political scenario tomorrow.

This article was first published in Youth Ki Awaaz under Daily Drama on June 13, 2013

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