Monday, June 17, 2013

Indian Political Parties Are Playing With The Word “Secularism”

Congress’s remark for JD (U) is nothing more than politics of opportunity.

Now that the divide between BJP and JD (U) has widened and is in the public domain, Congress has come up with its praise for JD (U) on the grounds of Secularism and if tweets are to be believed then it has said “JD (U) is like-minded party, and can be trusted on secularism.” NCP has also‘welcomed’ JD (U) in the Secular fold.

We need to understand what Secularism means for the political parties of the country. It has got nothing to do with religion and fighting against discriminations and prejudices in the society. If it was, then the country would have been in a different state altogether. Rather it is reinforcing the prejudices and playing on the Secular cards in order to secure a certain vote bank in a particular region. JD(U) has, no doubt, done some good work in Bihar. But it has also played the politics of religion and caste. Similarly BJP and Congress have also not helped the country in any manner. As a matter of fact we do not have any national or regional political parties which are not playing with the cards of religion and caste. The kind of secularism which the political leaders are preaching is adding to the problem rather than solving the problem. We are adding to the ghettoization in the society.

When Congress says that it can trust JD (U) on terms of Secularism then the larger question comes “isn’t it a Communal behaviour on the part of Congress as well, which is trying to polarize certain vote bank in its favour?” It is! No one can deny this fact.

A true secular party would have never discussed religion and caste in its political strategies. It should have discussed them to solve the existing related problems but certainly not to create a political agenda out of it. It is a myth that we have threat only in the form of a communal face- BJP and RSS. Instead we have many. And they are no lesser problems as they are playing with the emotions of many; as they are creating hopes in many and then destroying it themselves. Even so called Socialist parties like Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samajwadi Party are playing with the caste card for decades now. These politics of tokenism will show some small results, but will only widen the gap between the people of the country. Communist Parties are also no less in exploiting people.

I hope all this results in at least educating the people and they know that there are people who are using them only as pawns in the game of power and politics.

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This article was first published in Youth Ki Awaaz under Daily Drama on June 16, 2013

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