Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stage Play Competition at IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous 2013- Day 3

Day 3 at the stage play competition of IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous 2013 saw zenith of excitement and energy in all the participating teams. The reason being the obvious as it was the Result Day!

The 3 day long Stage play concluded on Sunday, 20th October 2013. The final day also witnessed two performances from very energetic Dyal Singh College and the host team IIT Delhi. Dyal Singh College performed Manav Kaul’s ‘Mamtazbhai Patangwale’ whereas IIT Delhi performed an original script written by the students themselves ‘Picture Perfect’.


Mamtazbhai Patangwale by Dyal Singh College, Delhi University

Manav Kaul’s literary genius could be seen in Mamtazbhai Patangwale. The play has an abstract form, like many other plays by Manav. The play revolves around the childhood of Bikki, who is a passionate ‘patangbaaz’ and considers Mamtazbhai as his hero. His idea of heroism breaks when he realizes that Mamtazbhai has a normal life like any other person. It is too difficult for him to accept the fact that Mamtazbhai sells kites for his livelihood. What follows is an interesting tale by Manav Kaul.

In the Dyal Singh College’s version, Mamtzbhai Patangwale loses the nuances which Manav has given life to in the script. Though the college team does a justice to the design and direction, but acting by the actors was not upto the mark.

Picture Perfect by IIT Delhi

The original script by IIT Delhi tried to explore the philosophy of evil and tries to explore the different interpretation of it. The story revolves around the life of a Psychologist Anurag, who interviews different criminals only to explore what they think. After one such interaction with Ekant Naidu, who is to be hanged the next morning, everything changes about Anurag. The ‘virus of evil’ enters the life Anurag and creates unimaginable situations!

The play starts with a very low energy but picks up later. The actors tried to do justice to their characters but fail to deliver what was needed to make it a great play. The presentation was also marked with long pauses and too long change over duration.

The Winners:

After the 3 day long competition the jury announced the results.

Best Play:
A scnen from Nitthalle Ki Diary Photo Courtesy: IIT Delhi

Nitthalle Ki Diary by CCET, Chandigarh

Andhe Hain Hum by PCTE, Ludhiana (Runner-Up)

Blind Spot by Gargi College, DU (2nd Runner-Up)

Best Direction:

Nitthalle Ki Diary by CCET, Chandigarh

The Nerd by SRCC, DU (Runner-Up)

Best Design:

Mamtazbhai Patangwale by Dyal Singh College

Best Actor:

Character of ‘Ramsevak’ from Nitthalle Ki Diary and Character of ‘Bhola’ from Andhe Hain Hum’

Best Actress:

Character of ‘Pregnant Woman’ from Blind Spot and Character of ‘Wife’ from Nitthalle Ki Diary

Special Mention Best Story:

Picture Perfect by IIT Delhi

This article was first published in My Theatre Cafe on October 22, 2013

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