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“Visual Arts Vala Adda”: Time to Explore Visuals amidst Nature!

Imagine an “adda” amidst nature dedicated purely to visual arts- a gathering where you see, visualize and feel the world as it is, a gathering to explore visual arts- to understand it. Imagine a gathering where a photographer, a cinematographer and a painter come together to explore their understanding of visuals. Do not imagine- become a part of it!
Camp Temgarh: Venue for the Adda
Presented by the people who are behind the MAFIA gatherings (MAFIA stands for Musicians, Artists, Film-makers, Interesting-Log Aajao: VAVA or ‘Visual Arts Vala Adda’ promises to be one of its kind of gathering in the country. The idea of bringing visual artists together with the simple understanding that something interesting will certainly emerge out of the gathering, is what makes it more intriguing.
A VAVA Poster designed by Aditya Chavan
The First edition of VAVA will witness three extremely eminent visual artists, Ritesh Meshram, Nitesh Mohanty and Sudheer Palsane, who will be celebrating visuals along with the other participants. Ritesh Meshram is a painter and sculptor, Nitesh Mohanty is a designer and still photographer and Sudheer Palsane is a cinematographer. The idea behind the gathering, as shared by Gurpal Singh, the brain behind the informal gathering, is that the artists ‘will interact and will share with us, their works, their ideas, their inspirations. We would have paints; brushes etc for people who want to explore their artistic side [as well]’.

Like other MAFIA gatherings this will also be an informal intimate gathering where strangers will meet to become friends for life. VAVA has been scheduled in Camp Temgarh, village Watunde, which is located just over an hour drive away from Pune on the Lavasa road. Spread over 3 days, VAVA will ensure that the participants feel the beautiful world of the visual arts and draw a beautiful picture of life, as it is.
Road to Visual Arts Vala Adda!

What: VAVA (Visual Arts Vala Adda)

When: From December 6, 2013 to December 9, 2013

Where: Camp Temgarh, Village Watunde

For more details and participation procedure visit the Facebook event:

Or contact Rajan Anand, on 0942251608 /

Aa Jaao!

This article was first published in on November 21, 2013

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