Tuesday, January 14, 2014

NAYA PATA: Wave of Independent Crowd Funded Cinema

Ideally a filmmaker should not be bothered about the commercial aspect of the film which he/she works hard to turn into reality. But It is a sad reality that commercial aspects bother the artists, especially the newer lot. Be it a poet, painter or any other artist. Cinema is a technical form of art, where cost is involved in producing the end product- and the cost varies. The commercial aspect of this art form may be one of the many reasons why we have lesser filmmakers in our part of the world and why we see more businessmen and fewer artists in the film industry which this country boasts of.
A poster designed by Aseem Trivedi, friend of Naya Pata
“Naya Pata” a film by Pawan Shrivastava, comes as a pleasant surprise in this scenario. The feature film is a result of not only hard work of the director and his dedicated team but also of the numerous people who produced it. Rather than depending on one person to produce, Pawan depended on many people to produce. The film is a result of crowd funding. Made in a budget of Eight Lacs and goodwill of various people, the film must be seen as a part of the struggle where many storytellers are trying to share their honest stories with the larger audience.

Our part of the world has overemphasized the problem of lack of stories. A society which is ever changing cannot lack stories at any given point of time. It is the lack of medium to reach out to people which needs the attention. It is sad that a society is accustomed to a certain kind of cinema. It is also sad that we have stopped accepting newer ideas of storytelling as audiences.
Friends of Naya Pata informing Delhi about the first Public Screening
The question which comes forward at this point is what can be the future course of action for the filmmakers who have an alternate story to share? Who do not see themselves as a member of any particular ‘gang’ of filmmakers- the Kashyaps, Banerjees or Johars? Does crowd funding has the longevity which a filmmaker desires? Crowd funding will certainly have its pros and cons. But it can be developed into a serious platform from where new filmmakers can showcase their talent to more and more people. Being independent has its own charm- as a storyteller you never compromise on your ideas.

Naya Pata, which will also see its first public screening at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Center on January 2, 2014, brings hope to not only many filmmakers but to audience at large who want to listen to newer, unconventional stories.

Let us hope there is a more vibrant film culture in the New Year!

Screening of Naya Pata:

When: 7pm Onward, January 2, 2014

Where: Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Center, Delhi

Film Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NayaPata

This article was first published in My Theatre Cafe on January 1, 2013

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