Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Saanjha Sapnaa is back with the tale of Medea

On December 16, 2013 Delhi will witness the completion of a year around the unfortunate rape case- a year of protest, a year of shattered hopes and a year of failed dreams. At a time when society as a whole has failed to ensure women safety it is time for the artists to take the issue forward. Saanjha Sapnaa Theatre Group is performing ‘Medea’ a Greek Tragedy by Euripides, in Delhi this weekend.

Medea is a one of the greatest stories ever told- the scorching tale of passion, love and vengeance. Based upon the myth of Jason and Medea, the play was first produced in 431 BC. When her husband remarries, Medea lays plans for swift and terrible retribution, leaving catastrophe in her wake. In this exciting and masterfully written drama of injured love, the play remains enthralling centuries after its creation. The play tells the story of the revenge of Medea betrayed by her husband.

The play has been directed by Kanchan Ujjal Singh for Saanjha Sapnaa Theatre Group. When asked why she chose ‘Medea’ to perform, Kanchan replies, “I have always been interested in the feminist work. Medea has a different genre- it is a Greek tragedy. It is a kind of play which is portraying woman as a strong character. I loved the story of Medea. It raises question on social structure as well as marriage system. I don’t think anybody else has done Medea as a full length play in last 10-15 years in Delhi. This play is relevant in our times as well as the male chauvinistic authority still exists. My work is a strong answer to them. For me woman is not a weaker/second sex. We are performing on 14 and 15 December- just before the Delhi rape case took place last year. I think before we talk about rape we should address the mail dominated structure.”

Kanchan takes a strong stand while discussing the kind of theatre she is interested in and the kind of plays which interests her and her theatre group. “As a group”, says Kanchan, “Saanjha Sapnaa always tries to do different type of theatre. We always had a bent towards socially relevant theatre. We have been doing feminist theatre for a while- we did Orgasm, Nine Parts of Desire, female version of The Odd Couple. This play is an addition to the other plays. We try to put serious work where everybody else is showcasing comedy.”

My Theatre Cafe wishes the entire team a good luck with the production of Medea.

About the production:


Sonamm Sharma

Adhiraj Sharma

Tushar Dhaundiyal

Pallav Chander

Varoon P.Anand

Dimple kaur

Nitika Arora

Devyani sharma

Directed by Kanchan Ujjal Singh

Venue: Akshara Theatre

When: 14 &15 Dec at 6:00pm and 7:30pm (Sat, Sun)

Tickets for the performances are available online at:

This preview was first published in My Theatre Cafe on December 12, 2013

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